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Locally and regionally supplied energy

Turveruukki Ltd. is Northern Finnish company, established 1975. As a part of the Oulu Energia Group it produces peat for energy, bioenergy and other biomass products. Turveruukki is responsible for fuel procurement by supplying the majority of the energy peat and wood that Oulun Energia uses for generation of electricity and heat. Over 90% of the fuel comes from within one hundred kilometers from the power plant. Emphasis on local and regional energy is a form of social responsibility by providing employment for approximately 1 500 people. It is considered important that entire energy supply chain is sustainable and complies with the requirements.

What our customer has to say

We needed an updated environmental information system with appropriate features and versatile reporting possibilities, such a system that could be used later more broadly in Oulu Energia Group concerning issues of sustainability. In peat production good care of the environmental issues is essential.

It is important that all items related to environmental permit, measurement data of peat production and monitoring as well as rental agreements and payments of peat bogs are in the same information system. For us it is vital that CSM enables a clear alarm view for monitoring the status of needed actions.

Päivi Karppinen Oulun Energia Ltd System Specialist
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