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For more sustainable business. The basis is in ESG data management, risk management and efficient sustainability reporting for internal and external stakeholders.

Receive value from ESG data management and reporting

Make reliable ESG data to serve sustainability management at strategical level and the ESG information needs of your key stakeholders.

Our customers measure sustainability development and collect ESG data throughout business processes in a systematic way. They can follow company specific sustainability KPIs and calculate the carbon footprint of the business. The sustainability reporting towards internal and external stakeholders is based on reliable and up-do-date ESG data.

Our service comprises of SaaS-based ESG tool and support for data collecting and management processes. The service is customised based on customers’ strategic targets and reporting needs.

Logo tuotteelle Calculating carbon footprint

Calculating carbon footprint

Calculate the carbon footprint in line with GHG Protocol. Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions can be calculated based on the data and emission factors.

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Logo tuotteelle Manage and benefit ESG data

Manage and benefit ESG data

Are you looking for efficient sustainability reporting and sustainability data management? The Tofuture CSM tool enables you to systematically collect, analyze, and report the ESG data that reflects your organization’s sustainability performance. You can utilize sustainability data in decision-making.

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