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Calculating carbon footprint

Calculating and reporting the carbon footprint can be conducted professionally with our cloud-based tool. The tool enables you to collect, manage and report the data related to your company’s carbon footprint. 

A carbon footprint calculation tool that helps businesses meet their emission targets

The easy-to-use Tofuture CSM tool helps businesses collect, manage, and analyze carbon footprint data. The tool can calculate the volume of emissions according to the GHG protocol and monitor the efficiency of emission-reducing measures. The systematic collection of emission data and carbon footprint calculation help businesses become carbon neutral.

Why Tofuture CSM tool?

  • The tool collects data to easily calculate the carbon footprint at several sites
  • Highly reliable data
  • You can export tables and charts from the tool
  • The tool can be expanded and updated according to the customer’s emission calculation requirements
  • The way data is collected from different sources to calculate emissions can be tailored according to the customer, i.e. the calculator is not generic in nature
  • Carbon footprint calculation using Tofuture CSM does not necessitate a separately installed software


This is how your carbon footprint is calculated

The Tofuture CSM tool is tailored to the customer’s needs. In the customer tool, you can specify the types of data that are collected as well as the sites from which the data is collected. You can also set the emission coefficients according to the customer’s operations. Based on the data, the tool calculates the carbon footprint, that is, the direct and indirect emissions in accordance with the GHG protocol (Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions).

• Scope 1 category: emissions which are generated on-site at the company as a result of the company’s own operations and which the company can directly affect, such as the fuel emissions of vehicles.
• Scope 2 category: emissions linked to delivered energy, such as electricity and heat production.
• Scope 3 category: all indirect emissions, such as the emissions created by the procurement of sold products or services. This means, for example, logistics, material procurement, and water supply.


Using Tofuture CSM

Carbon footprint calculation entails feeding the data into the system either manually or from Excel. It is also possible to integrate the tool, e.g. to an ERP system to get the data automatically.

You can also export tables and charts from the system to help with identifying the main emission sources, monitoring the development of emissions, and reporting the emission volumes within the organization as well as to external stakeholders.

The tool shows the main emission sources, i.e. the areas on which you should mostly focus in order to reduce emissions. You can also easily view and compare historic data as well as data collected from sites. This means you can easily track how the achieved emission reductions compare with the set targets.

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What is reporting all about?

Carbon footprint calculation is mandatory for big enterprises. In accordance with the NFR directive of the EU, big enterprises have an obligation to report Scope 1 and Scope 2 category emissions. However, reporting Scope 3 category emissions is not mandatory.

In accordance with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) of the EU, which is currently being updated, the reporting obligation will be extended to cover more businesses. What’s more, financiers and investors require businesses to submit reports on emission reductions and climate risks.

We will help your business become a climate leader

Carbon footprint calculation is an essential part of sustainability reporting. Sustainably run businesses that contribute to the well-being of the environment are highly valued in the modern world. By openly reporting on environmental effects, a company will come across as reliable and transparent both to its employees, customers, and investors. Mirroring the data, the company can also develop its operations toward lower-emission modes of operation and production methods.

We can help businesses with this important work. We have made it easy to collect, manage, and analyze sustainability data.

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