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Manage and benefit ESG data

Are you looking for efficient sustainability management and reporting? Easy-to-use ESG tool enables you to systematically collect, analyze, and report the ESG data.

Comprehensive ESG data management and reporting

The importance of ESG data in sustainability management

ESG data (environmental, social, and governance data) provides an up-to-date view of sustainability. It's required in order to set targets for the sustainability of your operations and monitor their performance. There is a lot of data on the sustainability of operations. Sustainability data is generated in different forms, at different times and from several different sources, sites, and offices. Managing it all is a real challenge, and compiling and editing the data takes sustainability specialists a lot of time. Time that could be used to improve sustainability. Investors and financiers keep an increasingly close eye on the ESG risks linked to the operations of companies. Data-based identification of the risks linked to sustainability plays an increasingly important role. The transparency and reporting requirements pertaining to sustainability are constantly evolving. You have to provide reports on sustainability data to meet the needs of many different stakeholders, often in slightly different formats.

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Tofuture CSM tool meets the following challenges

The Tofuture CSM (Sustainability Management Software) tool is a service that supports sustainability management. It enables you to obtain reliable and fact-based ESG data to support management and monitor sustainability indicators. You can also improve your sustainability reporting to different stakeholders. The tool is a cloud-based service (SaaS service), which can be used via a browser anywhere in the world. It is suitable for different types of companies and organizations, regardless of their line of business, that have set strategic sustainability targets, develop sustainability, report on the development of sustainability on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, and have several sites, production facilities, or offices, the operational sustainability of which it measures.

Tofuture sustainability management software allows you to:

– Collect a wide range of sustainability data
– Improve the process to create sustainability reports
-Manage sustainability data generated from different sources
– Fulfill the information requirements of financiers and investors
–  Ensure that sustainability data is collected in the correct format
– Enable up-to-date sustainability data to support the management’s decision-making
– Compile data according to different sustainability frameworks and to meet different reporting requirements (for the management, for annual reporting, and for different stakeholders)
– Enhance the reliability of sustainability data and save time. Sustainability experts can focus on the analysis of sustainability data and the further development of the sustainability of operations.

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Manage sustainability at the strategic level

The Tofuture CSM tool provides a versatile solution to sustainability management and reporting

Systematically collect data
Decisions based on analysis
Report on and verify sustainability

Systematically collect data

With Tofuture CSM (Sustainability Management Software), you can collect ESG data systematically and more efficiently. The collected ESG data is tailored to the customer’s strategic targets, sustainability indicators, and reporting principles, as well as the reporting requirements of external stakeholders.

  • Data can be collected to calculate the carbon footprint and in accordance with the material GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) indicators. The data collection can take into account, e.g. the reporting requirements of CDP, SASB, or the authorities.
  • Data is collected systematically. The tool provides the user with information on the type, format, and level of data collected.
  • Strategies and sustainability requirements change and develop. The way the tool is implemented can be flexibly modified according to changing needs. You can include new indicators in the tool as required.

Decisions based on analysis

The Tofuture CSM tool enables you to have sustainability data in a compatible and understandable format in one location, which makes it easy to consolidate, analyze, and further process the data to support decision-making. You can concentrate on the overall picture of the current state of sustainability as well as analysis and development work.

Modifiable reports and the versatile BI tool based on the Qlik Sense technology enable the deep analysis of data. You can analyze data from different viewpoints.

  • Data consolidation and analysis
  • Versatile graphs and different table formats for analysis
  • You can export results to Excel or print them out as PDF or image files

Report on and verify sustainability

There are several different sustainability reporting frameworks, and external stakeholders required specific ESG data. With the Tofuture CSM tool, you can edit the ESG data to the correct reporting format and verify the progress of sustainability work to the key stakeholders (such as financiers and investors).

High quality data and data management provide you with external verification capability. You can grant the verifier the right to verify the tool data.

Clear visual data enables you to communicate on the development of corporate sustainability within your organization.

The tool supports

  • reporting in accordance with the GRI standard, CDP, SASB, etc.
  • Monitor indicators in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN
  • Emission calculation according to the GHG protocol


Establishing strategy, setting targets, reviewing performance, and bonuses are strongly based on indicators and data. The Tofuture CSM tool provides up-to-date ESG data, enabling businesses to make smart strategic and operational decisions. With higher quality ESG data produced in a timelier manner to support decision-making, sustainability becomes a natural part of the company’s daily decision-making. Based on ESG data and indicators, sustainability can be integrated into the management’s bonus system.

  • Up-to-date ESG data and sustainability indicators
  • Management’s dashboard reports on selected KPIs
  • Indicators modified in accordance with the strategy

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Key features

for corporate sustainability management

The more strategic role the sustainability plays in an organization, the more important value the reliable ESG data has. We are committed to long-term cooperation with our clients for enabling efficient utilization of ESG data.

Riikka Karppinen, CEO
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