Tofuture releases – New features for CSM

Sustainability management is a key part of modern business management. In response to this, Tofuture has been developing CSM, a software system for sustainability and non-financial data management and reporting now for over ten years. The need and requirements for such a system are constantly on the rise; a related EU directive has affected medium and large enterprises already since last year.

Studies have provided evidence to support the relationship between sustainability and a company’s financial success (e.g. MIT Sloan Management Review:

Our vision consists of the following development goals:

  • Improved, more versatile data collection, including usage on mobile devices (iOS, Android)
  • Standardized interfaces that facilitate and automate CSM integration into the enterprise’s existing systems
  • Even more efficient, organisation-wide utilization of data instead of sporadic reporting
  • Integration of sustainability reporting into the enterprise’s business reporting processes using the same tools
  • Development of artificial intelligence (AI) based features for data management and proactive business analysis
  • Keeping up to date with constantly evolving guidelines (e.g. GRI, CDP, GHG, ISO standards and local legislation) so as to ensure the auditability, quality and formatted reporting of data

CSM Summer 2017 Release

The new version of CSM has been updated to match our vision of the system’s central development goals:

  • In addition to the current CSM reporting, we now offer a comprehensive Qlik Sense solution.

Qlik is one of the world’s leading Business Intelligence tools. The solution offers a completely new outlook on and possibilities for data analysis and reporting throughout the organization.

  • We have developed a mobile application for improved data gathering.
  • We have developed a standardized interface for CSM integration.
  • We have updated the most recent changes to guidelines (GRI, CDP, etc.) into the system.
  • Data quality and auditability, which have always been among our core strengths, are even more central than before in the latest release.
  • We added the possibility for multiple conversion factor management and reporting (e.g. CDP reporting, location and market based)
  • We have started investigating possibilities of developing artificial intelligence (AI) based features for CSM, and invite our customers to take part in the discussion.

Interested? Our advisors would be happy to discuss further the new, improved CSM and the possibilities it offers you!


Photo by Farzad Nazifi