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Start systematic sustainability reporting

Are you developing sustainability reporting at your company? Are you wondering how to start using sustainability indicators? Is collecting sustainability data turning into a chore? Then this tool is perfect for you.

Take Tofuture CSM Core tool into use

The Tofuture CSM Core tool helps you take the first step toward systematic sustainability data management, calculate the (Scope 1 and Scope 2 level) emissions arising from your operations, and make your sustainability reporting more efficient.

Tofuture CSM Core is an easy-to-use cloud service (SaaS service), which can be used via a browser anywhere in the world. It is especially suitable for SMBs and organizations with several sites, production facilities, or offices, regardless of the line of business.

Tofuture CSM Core is perfect for the following scenarios

  • You are beginning to start using sustainability indicators. You have either not collected any sustainability indicator data before or you are taking your first steps in that direction.
  • You would like to monitor your sustainability indicators throughout the year or once a year.
  • You would like to calculate the carbon footprint of your operations.
  • You are developing the way sustainability reporting is being implemented and you would like to improve data collection.
  • You want up-to-date and reliable data to support sustainability development
  • You want to increase transparency and communicate the effects of your operations on society at large.